Maybe you’re here from Twitter. Maybe you got here because someone sent you a link.

Either way, welcome!

Who’s writing to you?

My name is Keisha.

I was born in London, graduated college in Jamaica, and have been based in the US since the mid 2000s.

Most of my training is in communication, rhetoric, and analysis. Most of my experience is in the civic sector: public advocacy (digital and offline), congregations and faith-based organizations, plus a little government.

I once wrote and published every day for more than a year, and I learned a lot about what it takes to build a habit, to make the kind of self-commitment that forces you to make room for it—to pause some things and let others go to let it breathe.

I eventually stopped writing every day, and I changed who I wrote for, and why, but I didn’t stop writing.

So here we are.

Why subscribe?

Other than bookmarking this page and hitting refresh for the rest of your life, subscribing is the only way to read what I post here while it’s still current.

Subscribe and save your effort for other things.

What can you expect if you subscribe?

You’ll get occasional notes and writing from me. You’ll learn what I’m noticing, reading, or thinking about in the world of faith-rooted social change, and you’ll get links to or excerpts from some of the resources keeping my colleagues and me grounded as we work.

I’ll let you know when you can support me writing longer installments, sharing full content over excerpts, or sending you news first rather than later.

There will be a few exceptions, but generally that’s not happening just yet.

What won’t I promise you?

I’m not going to promise you any frequency at all.

I’ve written when inspiration strikes. And I’ve written every day and found inspiration is less fickle than it seems.

This isn’t the right time for me to write every day again.

But I do want to share with you, and you want to get messages when I do, so it’s going to work out.

What should you watch for?

Email management has gotten more complicated since I first started blogging and writing for others.

If you suddenly stop getting notes from me, check the website to see if there are any new messages posted. If there are, and you’re just not receiving them, check your spam folder.

If one of my notes is in there, tell your email company it’s not spam and shouldn’t be in Spam or Promotions or Shopping or Annoyances.

If you no longer want to get it, please unsubscribe. Otherwise, you can bookmark this site and read every free post anytime you want.

I’m glad you’re here.
Go ahead and share if you read something you especially enjoy!

There’s a bottom line here.

Every day we wake, we’re on the cusp of the future.

And the best news is that we’re not alone there: we’ve got company.

You’re some of my company.
Thank you for being here!


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