Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua: Art and Communal Magic—@mackenzian and @carpenterale continue #BibleYear2022
Seizing the agency we have. | From @mackenzian:
1. Genesis, Job, and Exodus: Liars, Survivors, and Grasping for Meaning —@mackenzian & @carpenterale #BibleYear2022
As I said to a colleague recently, I don't know but we've got to figure it out.
—and meeting Barry Jenkins' gaze
Watch: Keisha speaks with Equality Arizona and friends on faith, justice, and how faith communities can meet this moment
Building community, being curious, and taking the long view.
#NamingtheLost is digital space to honor beloveds who've died from COVID-19
I thought I should check on you.
The evening after the clocks go back an hour isn’t the longest day of the year. For me, it only feels like it is. The light is super bright in the…
It’s been a good summer for spending half hours standing on a beach with no shoes. Back in July, while I was in San Diego for an annual conference, I…
Photo credit: Keisha E. McKenzie | During a keynote in Holland, MI, last month, I made a passing comment about the Nones and the Dones—”the religiously…